NORDIC hypoPARA ORGANISATION is a patient driven non-profit organisation for patients with the disease Hypoparathyroidism,
and their close relatives in Norway. Interested professionals may also become associated members. It was founded and officially registered on November 24th, 2005. We are the Umbrella organisation for the two official national Hypoparathyroidism Organisations in Denmark and Sweden.

Hypoparathyroidism (hypoPARA) is a separate rare endocrine disorder that is characterized by low levels of (or in a few cases the inadequate effect of) parathyroid hormone (PTH) in the blood. This leads primarily to decreased blood levels of calcium ions (Ca2+) (hypocalcemia), increased blood levels of phosphate ions (hyperphosphatemia) and excessive urinary calcium excretion (hypercalciuria).

The Parathyroid hormone (PTH) is the key regulator of the calcium homeostasis. Calcium as an electrolyte plays an important role in the signal transduction pathways and is tightly regulated (individual variation of 1%) in the blood by PTH. In Hypoparathyroidism, the individual variation of calcium ions in the blood increases significantly, even if the disease is treated the best way possible. This causes, as in any other chronic painful physical disease, a compromised quality of life. Treatment with calcitriol does not normalize the calcium-phosphate homeostasis in a physiological manner. More studies are needed on how to improve the therapy, in order to lower the risk of complications.
This disease is NOT related to the thyroid gland (Hypothyroidism or lack of Calcitonin) or to any emotional disease.

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